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Our Mission

Oklevueha NAC welcomes people of all races, nationalities, religions and lifestyles without prejudice. To see information about recent public events, take a look at the Rotary International World Peace Conference. Enjoy the video presentation here. A recent article in the Huffington Post highlights some of our members and the wonderful works they are involved in.

Our movement is growing substantially because many people are coming to an understanding of how important it is to preserve the ancient ways even as we use technology to make our lives easier. Progress and power to do things without having within us a spiritual center just leads us to more efficient ways to destroy ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally and to destroy our world that has so abundantly blessed us and provided for us. Because of this growth, we find that more leaders and medicine people are needed to bless our members and give them guidance. If you are a member who has felt the call to bless others, and want to learn more about these ways, take some time to look at our Sacred Wisdom Circle trainings. Also review some of our new pages. The menu above can take you to many paths of understanding.

Currently, there is a lot of press about the dispute over a pipeline being forced through reservation lands in North Dakota and the effects such a pipeline could have, not only on the reservation, but on the drinking water of millions of people in the central part of the U.S. Many members of Oklevueha and members of many tribes throughout the country have gathered to peacefully protest this dangerous action by the oil companies. Members of the protest and even journalists covering it have been pepper-sprayed, attacked by police dogs, threatened by heavily armed swat type teams and incarcerated and charged with bogus crimes. ONAC stands firmly with these peaceful warriors defending the earth and encourages all to become informed and sign a petition asking the government to stand down and respect the earth religion and the tribal sovereignty of the natives in this dispute. You can do so at this link which also has links to many news articles where you can gain more information than the main stream media is providing.

Many of the pages on this site are open to the public and you are welcome to browse and enjoy them. Some of the content is only available to registered members of Oklevueha Native American Church. For example, if you are a member, you can visit this page about upcoming ceremonies. If you desire to be blessed by having access to Native American Ceremonies and Sacraments (including but not limited to Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Psilocybe Mushrooms and Cannabis) without legal interference, you will want to consider joining Oklevueha NAC and connecting with our medicine people.